Bells of Faith

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“The Mustard Seed seeks to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and intellectual needs of adults with developmental disabilities by providing a loving and protected Christian community with meaningful activities that allow the participants to fulfill the potential that God has created within them.”

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This Christmas season we were blessed with what Pastor Doug called musical angels. The family from Mustard Seed inspired us with their “Bells of Faith” concert. We were truly blessed by their musical abilities.

Thank You Mustard Seed!


We Have Those Big Plans

First Independent Methodist Church of Madison is excited to watch our Youth Building going up. We have been planning this project for a couple of years, and at the end of October of this year the ground was broken. Prior to the ground breaking we were in a severe drought here in Mississippi. The minute the ground was broken the drought broke and we could not get the rain to stop. The building ceased, but only temporarily.

Satan works that way sometimes. He does not want anything to happen unless it praises him. But we praise a living and loving God only. We Praise our God for the much-needed rain, and we did not let it hinder the continuance of building what God placed on our hearts. He always paves the way!

 October 2015 Breaking Ground

October 2015,  Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground_3_IMG_9456(2)There was not a lot of work done in November

Due to the rains, but we praise God for those rains!

Foundation Was Poured

Foundation Was Poured on December 7th! YaY!


Now that the foundation has been poured we will begin to see the framing go up and the building should be moving in leaps and bounds. Our goal for completion is approximately the first of March 2016. Stay in prayer that the finances will continue to flow. God is working miraculous things here at First Methodist of Madison.