Celebrating 100 Years

“With a long life I will satisfy him And let him see My salvation.” Psalm 91:16

Ed and Lavonia England have been a vital part of our family at First Independent Methodist Church for a number of years. Ed turned 100 years old in 2016 and Lavonia turns 100 this week.

We thank our Lord for Ed & Lavoina as we celebrate this huge milestone with them.

What a blessing they are to our family.


Happy Birthday Lavonia!


Becoming a Team Player


 banner_ole-miss-pennant_4698_edited-1 banner_ms-college-pennant_4692 banner_al-_4693 banner_michigan banner_liberty-university_house_flag_76728sma banner_ms-state-pennant_4696 banner_lsu-_4689

We are a diverse group of believers here at FIMC. Our church is blessed to have different races and folks from an array of different states who have move to the area and have chosen to worship here. While we are serious about our Lord and sharing His gospel we also enjoy the fellowship we have with each other. One way we enjoy this fellowship is when we have Fan Day. Because we are from all over the USA we bring our favorite football teams with us. We poke fun at each other and raze each other about success and failures on the field. This one day a year we wear our team colors to church and sit with those who who are fans of “our” team. We even forgive Pastor Doug for being an Ole Miss fan, and we still love him. Afterward we enjoy a fellowship dinner in the Blend, our new youth building. Each person brings something for a nice tailgate party and the food is delicious.

Most importantly is remember who we are in Christ. While we have our fun we must never forget our Savior and the Word of God. On this Sunday, 2016, Pastor Doug preached a sermon titled: Becoming a Team Player. Below is an outline of his sermon reminding us that we are all a part of the body of Christ.

Becoming a Team Player

1 Corinthians 12:12

What should being a team player mean to me?

  1. I have made the roster (Revelation 20:15)
  2. What does church membership mean at FIMC?
  3. I have changed inwardly. (John 3:3; 2 Cor. 5:17)
  4. I will attend regularly. (Hebrews10:25)
  5. I will give faithfully. (Malachi 3:8-10; Luke 6:38)
  6. I will serve willingly. (John 12:26
  7. How does being a member of the team help me?

               Belonging is Necessary to my Growth. It give me a place for my family to

               learn, allows me to accomplish God’s Word, and gives me roots down in faith.

  1. I will follow my coach. (Hebrews 13:17)

            Why does ‘team church’ need a pastor/coach?

                 To lead, feed, and succeed. (Acts 20:28)

  1. I will find and accept my position. 1 Cor. 12:18-27)

            No one rides the bench on God’s team.

  1. I will encourage my teammates. (Eph. 4:2; Psalm 37:4; 1 Thess. 5:11)

            Four Words that describe the attitude of a team player.

  1. Humility- the team is more important
  2. Gentle – Meekness
  3. Patience – Wait Expectantly
  4. Loving – Showing love to one another as Jesus did to you. (John 15:12)

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Thank You Father For Fellowship With You and Others!

Progress Report

Our excitement continues as we watch our Youth Building each week. Now that the roof is on we will see progress speed up. The brick should be laid in the next week or two. We are hoping to be in and dedicating it the end of March or the first of April this year. Enjoy our growth along with us as we post these photos. Blessings!

Drawing of the new building when complete.

Drawing of the new building when complete.

Jan 5_0936  Jan 15_0939  New Building_0435

New Building_0445 New Building_0443

  New Building_Edit_0450  Jan 15_0939 Jan 5_0941(1)_edited-1

Jan 15_1025  Jan 15_1029



We Have Those Big Plans

First Independent Methodist Church of Madison is excited to watch our Youth Building going up. We have been planning this project for a couple of years, and at the end of October of this year the ground was broken. Prior to the ground breaking we were in a severe drought here in Mississippi. The minute the ground was broken the drought broke and we could not get the rain to stop. The building ceased, but only temporarily.

Satan works that way sometimes. He does not want anything to happen unless it praises him. But we praise a living and loving God only. We Praise our God for the much-needed rain, and we did not let it hinder the continuance of building what God placed on our hearts. He always paves the way!

 October 2015 Breaking Ground

October 2015,  Breaking Ground

Breaking Ground_3_IMG_9456(2)There was not a lot of work done in November

Due to the rains, but we praise God for those rains!

Foundation Was Poured

Foundation Was Poured on December 7th! YaY!


Now that the foundation has been poured we will begin to see the framing go up and the building should be moving in leaps and bounds. Our goal for completion is approximately the first of March 2016. Stay in prayer that the finances will continue to flow. God is working miraculous things here at First Methodist of Madison.

Independence Day Celebration

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.” Hebrews 13:1

This past weekend was Independence Day. We got together and celebrated by enjoying each other with a cookout, and a huge water slide for the children. Here are some of the photos we took. Wish you could have joined us.


“Anticipation is Making Me Wait”

Ginormous Water Slide is Ready, YaY!

Ginormous Water Slide is Ready, YaY!

July 4th 2015_8689_edited-1 July 4th 2015_8696  July 4th 2015_8701 July 4th 2015_8704

July 4th 2015_8705  July 4th 2015_8690 July 4th 2015_8693July 4th 2015_8703

July 4th 2015_8723 July 4th 2015_8725


Hello? Hello? Hel-lo?

Hello? Hello? Hel-lo?

Mr. Ricky was chief Cook & bottle washer….well, chief cook anyway! He did a great job! Thanks Rick!

July 4th 2015_8761  July 4th 2015_8738 July 4th 2015_8756July 4th 2015_8685

“For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them.” Matthew 18:20

In  the meantime others visited and made new bonds of friendship.

IMG_8673 July 4th 2015_8709 July 4th 2015_8719  July 4th 2015_8720 July 4th 2015_8732  July 4th 2015_8734 July 4th 2015_8736 July 4th 2015_8749 July 4th 2015_8750 July 4th 2015_8755 July 4th 2015_8756 July 4th 2015_8765 July 4th 2015_8781_edited-1 July 4th 2015_8733

Saying Thanks to our Father

IMG_8769 IMG_8770 IMG_8771

Father, We praise You for Your gift of grace. We thank You for our church family. We celebrate the Independence of our great nation and pray that You will continue to  bless us. We give thanks for our fellowship and for this food. In Your Name we pray. Amen

July 4th 2015_8777 July 4th 2015_8774 July 4th 2015_8776 July 4th 2015_8779_edited-1

“Let brotherly love continue.” Hebrews 13:1

Even the tiniest of the family had fun!

IMG_8723 July 4th 2015_8747

Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

July 4th 2015_8792 July 4th 2015_8793 July 4th 2015_8791 July 4th 2015_8794 July 4th 2015_8790

Our celebration was fun and wonderful! Hope you can make it next year!

“There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God.” Ecclesiastes 2:24

Veteran’s Day

4th July Flag_2850

The family of First Independent Methodist Church want to thank all Veterans for their service and sacrifice. We also thank their families for this sacrifice. Without you America would not enjoy the freedom and blessings God has bestowed on our nation. This Sunday, July 5th we want to celebrate you. Bring your family and join us for a evening of fellowship, fun and food. We look forward to seeing you there.

Time: 5:00 PM

Place: First Independent Methodist | 1556 Highway 51 North | Madison | Mississippi | 39110 | 601-672-1240

Happy Independence Day